Monday, January 30, 2012

IN with the Old...Guest Blogger!

Like the outfit you see? Well guess what?! I can show you how to wear the exact same thing 4 other ways! Yep, thats right. I am a guest blogger on the DC Goodwill Fashionista website and I showed followers how they can get more use out of items already in their closet. Wearing your fav outfit multiple ways is a great alternative when youre tight on time and money. To learn more and see how I "fashion reapeat" check out
Be sure to check out all of the other posts as well. This blog has great info and fashion tips! Toodles for now!

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Fashion, New Wardrobe!

This is my Pride and Joy, Chloe!

Awesome PINK pots! Don't do much cooking but they will make great kitchen accessories:)

All decked out to welcome the new year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR Fashionistas!!! Welcome to 2012...feels good so far, doesn't it? I dont know about you but I had an awesome year, holiday and new year's eve! I would like to dedicate this post to 2011. With all of its ups and downs, ins and outs, good and bad, happiness and sorrow, fashionable and unfashionable, I still managed to accomplish so many goals and end the year right where I wanted to be; with a job I love, a fashion blog that I'm oh so passionate about and fabulous followers, an awesome apartment in a great city, loyal friends and supportive family, my health and my dreams! I am so blessed beyond beyond belief. These reasons among many others give me the drive I need to do it, and more, all over again! Im excited for what 2012 has in store for me and even more excited for what Fashion Adventures with MeMe has in store for YOU! I have a lot of great ideas and fashion in store for you and I cant wait to share! Let's have a great year Fashionistas!

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

Friday, December 23, 2011

'Tis the Season to be...FASHIONABLE!

Dear Santa,
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS...FASHION!!! I loooove this time of year!!! The smell of pine, cinnamon and gingerbread. The hustle and bustle of the malls. That nip in the air and exciting decorations. Family, friends and loved ones gathering from near and far. The spirit and magic of Santa Clause and all the holiday parties and events that give me a reason to dress up! Apache prints, sequins, tulle and satin make my Christmas bright! Forget a WHITE Christmas...Im dreaming of a fashionably BRIGHT Christmas filled with love and sales at all major department stores! What I'm excited most about is seeing my family and friend's faces when they open up their gifts:) I enjoy GIVING and making others happy and spreading holiday cheer to all. This is what this season is all I just choose to be fashionable while I do it and YOU should too! Btw Santa...I've been a very fashionable girl this year;)

Wishing all of my fashionistas a VERY happy holiday!

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

South Moon Under/Refinery 29 Holiday Fashion Contest! UPDATE: I WON SECOND PLACE!

Ok so heres the deal...Fashion Bloggers in the DC, MD and VA area were invited by South Moon Under and Refinery 29 stores to compete in the "Let's Holiday" styling contest. All contestants had to go to a local South Moon Under store(which has some great pieces by the way) and put together their best holiday outfits! So much fun! I definitely jumped at this. Above is the holiday outfit I put together and starting tomorrow YOU can vote for your favorite on the South Moon Under Facebook fan page. I picked an outfit that I felt screamed Holiday, black, leopard and sequins. Cant go wrong with that right? PLEASE vote for me starting tomorrow, December 8th through December 12th. The top 5 pictures will make it to the judging round! Below is the link to vote. Thank you so much for your endless support!

Thanks for voting. I won second place and $100 shopping spree!!! not too shabby, eh?!/southmoonunderfan?v=feed&__user=62203416

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

Saturday, November 26, 2011

the IN crowd: Vice As If presents...A Night of Style


The fabulous guests of honor, Owners of Vice As If Image Consulting

Inside the Gift Bag:)

I LOVE going to fabulous fashion events and Vice As If's "A Night of Style" Image Consulting launch party did not disappoint. I met tons of great people and networked with other wonderful fashion bloggers and people in the fashion industry. Vice As If is an upscale unisex image and wardrobe consulting company founded by Genevia Sawyer and Sade Teyibo who got their start as fashion bloggers:) They also completed internships in Milan, London and New York. It was VERY exciting and inspiring to see two beautiful young women living out their goals and dreams and I wish them much success with their business. If you are interested in updating your look or wardrobe, you should definitley check these ladies out:)

Yours in Fashion...MeMe