Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Once you go BLACK...

ALL HAIL to the LBD(Little Black Dress)!! The one who is there with us on dates, dinner parties, cocktail hours, weddings, engagement parties, office holiday parties, girl's night outs, cruises, vactions, job interviews ,gallery openings, art shows, red carpet events, award ceremonies, banquets, birthday celebrations, new year eve parties, boy scouting;) funerals:( initiations and everyday fashion. ALL HAIL to the fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn who made the LBD timeless. ALL HAIL to fashion designers who keep the LBD relevant, classic and trendy. ALL HAIL to my Fashionistas who continue to reinvent the LBD. ALL HAIL to the LBD; the one fashionable item we can count on when all else fails...

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

connect the POLKA dots



I was never really good at those little connect the dot games we played as children, but I consider myself proficient when it comes to connecting the dots in my wardrobe;) Polka dots have been around forever and I've always consider those little circles classic. Polka dots are chic and fun and gives an otherwise dull top or dress  lots of visual interest. Recently these dots have been popping up on everything; sunglasses, shorts, pants and even shoes. I love it! A closet filled with those fun, fabulous spots?? I'll sign that DOTTED line anytime!

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rompin' Shorts!

Psst...Did you notice the 50% off in the background? I love me a good sale! Ok, back to the pics:)

So here's the deal...rompers are my shorts equivalent to the maxi dress. One piece, easy breezy, no muss...no fuss;) I absolutely adore shorts, and rompers made my adoration for them sky rocket! I enjoy being able to slip on a romper and throw on some cute flats or flops; but I also like being able to put one on with some sexy heels, great accessories, grab a clutch and hit the town! The same applies to shorts. Both are so versatile and easy...not to mention flirty(I mean do I have to state the obvious...LEGS!) Although I'm obsessed with my rompers; shorts, to me, allows one to be a little more creative. Pairing a cute, casual or sexy top with some shorts makes the coordinating process a little more exciting. Yes it requires a bit more thought than just pulling out a romper, but it allows you to show your personal unique style, and that's always a plus! I'm a busy girl, always on the go, so I like to keep things SHORT;)

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

Saturday, August 13, 2011

MAXed Out!

MAXIMIZE the number or MAXIS in your wardrobe!! They're fun, flowy, easy to wear and don't require much thought because it's only ONE piece:) When I don't have a lot of time to decide what I want to wear, Maxi dresses are my easy go to choice. They are very simple but at the same time trendy and stylish and that's what I love most about them. I am on the tall side so I was very happy when Maxi dresses made their appearance on the "must have" list. I love the way I look in them and how super comfy they are!! I have Maxis that are very casual and I have some that are a bit more dressy but I love them all the same. They sort of make me feel free and angelic in a way...lol. Whenever you're in a fabulously chill mode, I suggest you MAX and Relax;)

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

My FIRST Youtube video!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beach Bunny

What else is a girl to do in 90 degree weather besides sit poolside or beach side all summer long...in the latest in swimwear fashion, of course. Bikinis and monokinis are my favs and can be found in many different colors and patterns. I think that swimwear is just as important as your everyday wear because it also reflects your personality and individual style. Get creative! Throw on your favorite sarong or sheer coverup after you've played in the sun all day and you're ready for the boardwalk or mojitos with the girls;) Sunscreen, tan, play, swim, chill...you're a Beach Bunny, and Beach Bunnies know how to have fashionable Fun in the Sun!

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wild Thing

Yea, I'm a sweet girl but i have a feisty side to me. When my animalistic personality can no longer be tamed, i have to unleash it and I do that through my wardrobe. Bold cheetah and leopard patterns make me feel fierce, fabulous and FELINE! In this print, I am the ruler of my kingdom. For me, animal prints are always in as long as they are worn the right way and not overdone. Dress it up, play it cool, rock it out...OWN IT.

Click here, be inspired by the words and  Enjoy!

Yours in Fashion...MeMe