Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Once you go BLACK...

ALL HAIL to the LBD(Little Black Dress)!! The one who is there with us on dates, dinner parties, cocktail hours, weddings, engagement parties, office holiday parties, girl's night outs, cruises, vactions, job interviews ,gallery openings, art shows, red carpet events, award ceremonies, banquets, birthday celebrations, new year eve parties, boy scouting;) funerals:( initiations and everyday fashion. ALL HAIL to the fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn who made the LBD timeless. ALL HAIL to fashion designers who keep the LBD relevant, classic and trendy. ALL HAIL to my Fashionistas who continue to reinvent the LBD. ALL HAIL to the LBD; the one fashionable item we can count on when all else fails...

Yours in Fashion...MeMe


  1. I love it! The LBD is the theme for the next girl's outing I'm attending this weekend! How fashionable and right on time for this post! Thanks MeMe! Xoxo

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOVVEEE the LBD!!!!! All HAIL the timeless classic; the wonderous wardrobe must-have! All HAIL the endlessly sexy LBD!!!

  3. Yes LBD will always be in fashion!! Loves it!

  4. Yes, even with my lack of fashion skills the one thing I can do right is the LBD! I'd be lost without it, total must have piece in my closet!!!
    Thanks MIA!!!!

  5. YES!!! This reminds me I need to update my LBD collection. xoxo, Jade