Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i LOVE my Jeans!

What can I say...jeans go with EVERYTHING!!! They are definitley my "go to" piece when all else fails. I love jeans because they are so versatile. They can be worn dressed up or down depending on what shoe you put on...not to mention, very comfy, which is ALWAYS a plus! The most important thing when it comes to the jean is the fit. So my advice to you is to shop around and try on some different styles and see which one fits YOU best. Maybe youre a classic fit, or a "skinny" girl, or maybe wide leg suits your fancy:) As, you can see, Im definitley a skinny jean kind of girl, with the occassional boyfriend jean from time to time. Hey, we we're all born with different genes, so we shouldn't all be wearing the same jeans.
Yours in Fashion, MeMe


  1. This is Jo....Great style!

  2. Great style. I love your first outfit, the very top. I'm at an age now that... I really don't have any style. Or.. flair(?) From Kim