Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just another Sunday...

P.S. I no longer go jogging outside...check out the scar on my knee:( Tragic fall. Im so clumsy!

*Sigh* so many things to do on a lazy Sunday...go for a walk, eat pancakes, go to church, do laundry, watch a movie or have an impromptu fashion photoshoot! Sunday is the day of rest and what better way to relax than a day at the park in a ruffle skirt, cardigan, trouser socks, leopard heels, pseudo-intellectual glasses and diamonds and pearls! Since it was such a gorgeous day, I wanted to do some blogging in the park, but putting on any old thing seemed kind of boring so I decided to dress up for the occassion:) Whenever you feel like dressing up or being glam but don't really have anywhere to it anyway! Walk the dog in your pink bow heels, gas up the car in your party dress or go grocery shopping draped in pearls! Who says that these things can only be worn at parties or special occassions? NOT ME...and when youre asked why youre so dressed up just say because... it's JUST ANOTHER SUNDAY.

Yours in Fashion...MeMe


  1. Too cute Meme! I have always loved your style..ever since I saw you on Fotki!

  2. Yes! you've inspired me to starting taking my trash out in red heels :)

  3. I've always believed in vaccuming the house in heels. It's a great way to break them in! :)

  4. love the layered necklaces

  5. Cute look! Love the glasses!

    Welcome to the CapFABB group too! I'm also a member. Maybe we'll meet at an event one day :)

    Check out my blog some time at!


  6. I love the idea of getting dressed up "just because".