Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being cold never looked so HOT

Sure it’s cold out but that doesn’t mean your winter wardrobe has to be! Sweaters are my fav HOT fashion item to wear when the air gets a little bit nippier and the harsh winter weather begins to push through. What's not to love about sweaters? They’re warm, fuzzy, comfortable, cute and come in a variety of styles. Long, off the shoulder, cropped, knit, cotton, solid, patterns, oversized, fitted and an array of colors! Sweaters are the perfect match with a pair of leggings or jeans but I also like pairing them with shorts, skirts and tights! During the winter I enjoy a lot of cozy lounging and cuddling and it’s important to look fashionable while doing it! Sweaters are my go to for a cold night in or a HOT night out;) So while everyone else is freezing and hating the cold, you’ll be enjoying it because you’re hot, and HOT never gets cold.

Yours in Fashion...MeMe


  1. I love the off the shoulder look that one was my favorite.

  2. I love all the bags, it was a pleasure meeting you this weekend!

    Vogue & Vintage

  3. I really love the 2nd outfit! I think it's the tan and light pink - something about it just really works together. :)

  4. I just loooove your blog!