Thursday, September 22, 2011

FALL in love...with Layering!

Falling in love with boys? That's soo last season! This year, FALLing in love with fashion is what's hot and I'm smitten. Fashion  layering is the love cure-all when it comes to that eternal question; "What to wear when it's no longer hot, but not quite cold?" Fashionably transitioning from summer to fall can be a bit tricky because, just like love, the begininng can start off kind of cold and uncertain, but as the relationship continues, much like the day, things start to heat up! Wearing lots of layers such as blazers, cardigans, tees, trench coats, capes and sweaters allows us to adjust to this unpredictable weather by peeling off layers and still being fashionable. There are many layers of our hearts one has to get through before we're comfortable, so why should it be any different when it comes to fall fashion. Now, as love pulls us in deeper, nightfall arrives and the temp begins to cool again. No have your friends to shield you, or in fashion's case, your layers to keep you warm. So this fall, don't count on traditional love to get you through the unpredicatable season...FALL madly in love with fashion layering and your heart will never be broken.

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

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