Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the IN crowd...The Blue and Green Fashion Show

(On the left)Katherine Limon-Owner, Carbon

Makeup, hair, clothes, heels, flat irons, steamers, hustling, bustling, models, lights...camera...RUNWAY. I told you I would do my best to get some backstage pics of the Blue and Green Fashion Show I assisted in, and as you can see, I came through for you fashionistas! But there was something that was out of my control...I went to the fashion show to be a STYLING ASSISTANT and ended up being a MODEL! Now, you and I both know that I am sooo NOT a model, but one of the original models was not able to make it so I was asked to fill in. Even though modeling is totally not my thing, I'll always step up to the plate in the name of fashion. Afterall, this was a fashion emergency. The fashion show was lots of fun and featured the fall collection by a.d.o. and vegan shoes by Neuaura. The models were a blast to work with and trying on different fashions is always great. I wore a winter white blazer and wrap dress that was VERY comfortable and cute...I wished I could have kept the outfit! I am excited to assist(be it styling or modeling) with the next show:) Be sure to check out http://www.carbondc.com/ for all of your sustainable fashions.

Professional photographs by Phil Kogan

Yours in Fashion...MeMe

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  1. You are definitely model material, and you look amazing! The girl in the blue looks just like Pursebuzz from pursebuzz.com.