Monday, September 12, 2011

the POPular girls

I REALLY like this you can tell. lol

The Jocks, The Cheerleaders, The Nerds, The Band Geeks, The Class Clowns and most importantly...The POPular Girls. Welcome to Fashion High, where the boys drool and The POPular Girls rule! Staying abreast the latest trends is what makes us fashionable but standing out from the crowd is what makes us POPular. Adding bold colors to our outfits sets us apart from the rest. Jewelry, shoes, bags and makeup in eye POPping color is what distracts the students from paying attention to the teacher. ALL EYES ON US! Reds, pinks, yellows and purples can quickly take your outfit from drab to FAB! Sitting at the cool lunch table, front row bleachers at Friday night football games, invitaions to the hottest parties and seats next to the cute boys in homeroom and 5th period are all perks of being one of the POPular girls. Still feeling like an outcast? AS IF! Meet at MeMe's house after school to study more ways to make an outfit POP with color and gush about the cute new guy;)

Yours in Fashion...MeMe


  1. love the outfits! for the second pic did the purple fabric come with the skirt or did you add that on top yourself? for the third pic (the black button up, black skirt and pink belt) where would you where that outfit to? would you where that to a club? And the 7th pic, i love that outfit especially the skirt!! simple but cute!

  2. Thank you! I purchase that skirt from Forever 21 and the purple fabric came with it! The 3rd outfit is actually a dress and blazer and I would wear it to a club or lounge or a night out for drinks and dinner with the girls. That skirt is my fav!! I purchased it at Forever 21 and there is a pink one that I will be going back for! Thanks again for your comment!

  3. Fabulous your style!